Another Moment of Pride For BSV- Master Brajesh Vashishtha and Miss.Vrinda Ahlawat Qualified for National Level CBSE Science Exhibition-2018-19

CBSE Regional Level Science Exhibition on the theme ‘Scientific Solutions For Challenges Of Life’ was organized at Gyan Vihar School, Jaipur on 24 th and 25 th Jan, 2019.There were 107 participatory exhibits on various sub- themes related to Health and Cleanliness, Agriculture and Organic Farming, Transport and Communication ,Resource Management ,Waste Management and Mathematical Modeling. The model ‘Pranayantra’ (Lung Function Test Device) prepared by the Bsvians Master Brajesh Vashishtha(Grade X) and Ms Vrinda (Grade IX) under the guidance of Mr. Bhuvan Sandhu (P.G.T.Physics) was one among the best 21 models eligible for competing at the National Level Science Exhibition.This model is based on the principle of Venturimeter which is an application of Bernoulli’s theorem of fluid dynamics and can help in early detection of COPD. This novel idea of Bsvians was highly admired by the judges.