Academics Curriculum

The School follows CBSE curriculum and prepare the students for Secondary Examination and Senior Secondary Examination. A well qualified team of teachers put in their all out efforts for the academic excellence of the students. To reduce the burden and create stress free environment of learning, the numerical marking system has been replaced with grading system and Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation i.e. CCE has been introduced in our school after in-depth training imparted to all the teachers to understand its goal.

Pre –Primary and Primary
Educational services at the pre/primary level are aimed at achieving the following:

Promoting cognitive skills, inculcating tools for dealing with information and exposure to knowledge in various fields on core curriculum. Instilling life skills, social and national values and encouraging personal relationships. Encouraging linguistic and symbolic literacy, becoming acquainted with technology and means of communication, instilling sensitivity to aesthetic and recognition of the arts and various means of artistic manifestation and instilling skills that will turn children into life –long learners.

The School seeks to achieve the above objective through a variety of outdoor and indoor activities like enactments, visits, theme based assemblies, celebrations, presentations and hands-on experiences, apart from formal learning.

I-V 25% 35% 40%

English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Sanskrit, Art & Craft, Music/Dance, Life Skill, Environmental Education, General Knowledge, Physical Education, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information Technology, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics etc.

  • Up to class II – English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Environmental Education, Life Skill, Moral Education, Drawing, Craft and Music.
  • Class III & IV - English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Computer Science, Environmental Education, Life Skills,Drawing, Craft, Music, General Knowledge and Computer Science.
  • Class V - English, Hindi, Mathematic, Environmental Studies, Environmental Education, Sanskrit, Life Skills,Drawing, Craft, Music, General Knowledge and Computer Science.
  • Class VI to VIII - English, Hindi, Mathematic, Science, Social Studies, Sanskrit, Life Skills, Environmental Education,Drawing, Craft, Music, General Knowledge and Computer Science.
  • Class IX & X- English, Mathematic, Science, Social Studies, Hindi / Sanskrit, Environmental Education ,Life Skills,Drawing, Music and Computer Science.
  • Class XI & XII- English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science,Accountancy,Economics,Business Studies, Hindi Vocal Music, Drawing & Painting, Physical Education, Craft, Information Technology, General Studies and E Lab.
  • Environmental Education & Life Skill are taught to enable the students to know about their surroundings and themselves.
  • Drawing - Craft education Music & dance are included in the curriculum to develop the creative expression among the students.
Examination & Promotion

For VI to VIII

The assessment structure and examination for classes VI to VIII have been prepared in view of the provisions of RTE-Act 2009 and comprises of two terms i.e. Term-1 and 2 as explained below:

Subjects TERM-1 (100 marks) (1st half of the session) 20 marks Periodic Assessment + 80 marks for Half Yearly Exam TERM-2 (100 marks) (2nd half of the session) 20 marks Periodic Assessment + 80 marks for Yearly Exam
Language -1 PA 20 marks Half Yearly Exam PA 20 marks Yearly Exam