Club Activities

The students are divided into different clubs as per their interest. Each club consists of 30-35 students and two teachers. One or two classes a week are allotted for each club activities. Thus providing a platform to each child to nurture his/her hidden talents.

Club activities aim at:

1 The development of various domains of mind and personality such as intellectual, emotional, social, moral and aesthetic.
2 Satisfying the needs of socialization, self-assessment and self-identification and grooming the balanced personality.

Name of Club with Objectives:

Yantravat Club - Repair and maintenance of domestic electrical gadgets

Gourmat Club - Develop cookery skills and enhance the knowledge about hygiene and nutritional values of food components

Photo Shop - Aims at developing the art of clicking, editing, cropping and giving special effects to photographs

Computer Geek Club - Computer operation and Maintenance

Yogilates - Yoga - Every individual has in-depth potential to explore his/her inner persona but some mental domains like fears, phobia, conflicts, excessive egotism etc. keep this characteristic feature hidden. Under the expertise of our Yoga teacher our students attain higher levels of consciousness through gamut of aasans and paranayamas.

Green Fingers - Gardening and Shramdaan

Silver Tongued Club - Hones the oratory skills through declamation, speech and extempore

Wranglers Club - Provides the platform to nurture debating skills of students.

Literary Gems Club - It taps the imagination and creativity of the students through story writing, poetry writing, article writing, report writing, slogan writing and so on.

Charmers Club - Dramatists - This club enables students to be able to manipulate body movements and facial expressions to convey appropriate emotion and meaning in dramatizations  through role –plays, enactments, skits and drama.

Srijan and Abhinay Club - Aims at developing literary and creative skills in Hindi through drama ,debate, chanting of shlokas, story writing ,story narration, poem recitation etc.

Techvilla - Every child is inquisitive by nature and possesses scientific temperament. This club aims at developing

Number Ninjas - Maths club aims at relating the mathematical concepts with real life applications.

Nature Pride Club - (Green House) - The members of this club have enriching experience of different techniques of growing, manuring, watering and handling of plants and the role of medicinal and aromatic plants and their usage.

Intelligentsia Club - General QUIZ - Being up-to-date on general knowledge in various subjects and current affairs in different domains makes you a better person, aiming at this intelligentsia club organizes quiz contests to sharpen the learners G.K.

Eco-resource Club - It sensitizes the students with issues related to the environment through different activities –poster making, rallies, talks on environmental issues and group discussion

Gems Communication Club- ICT- It assists the learners to be able to face the future challenges of the tech-world by making them adaptable users of ICT. Here ICT’IANS learns web designing and photoshop.

Art n craft Club - It aims at developing four basic skills – cognitive (thinking), emotional (feeling), social and sensory-motor (coordinating)

Dance Club - It aids to the development of kinesthetic, intelligence and fosters an individual’s ability to interpret, interpersonal, non –verbal communication.

Music- Jhankar - Every child is an emotional being and requires an artistic outlet and music is a child’s vehicle of expression. It affects the growth of a child’s brain academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually, in this view music club nurtures the budding musicians.

Taekwondo Club - It aims to achieve physical fitness through positive participation and to teach self –defense skills .Here boys and girls are train in all aspects of Taekwondo including self-defense, board-breaking etc.